Tactical Internal Lasers with Automatic Proximity Activation for Glock Full Comp Sub Slimline Frames
Do I need to send the complete firearm?

 No. Only the frame (receiver) is modified.  You keep the slide and barrel and recoil spring/guide rod.                                      

How long does it take?  

It takes approximately 1 week after receipt of firearm.

How is it sighted-in?      

After installation of the laser head and electronics, we use our own slide/barrel to align the laser dot to the

iron sights. The change between different slide/barrels is fairly small.  When you get the gun back and attach 

your slide/barrel, you have the ability to adjust windage and elevation using the eccentric located on the laser

head ( near the muzzle ).  You also have the ability to change the overall elevation ( if you want to go closer 

or farther than the initial setup )  using an internal adjustment screw.  The internal elevation adjustment can be

made precisely due to the fine pitch of the screw.  Allen  wrenches are provided for both of these adjusters.

The majority  of the time no adjustments are necessary.                                                                                                              

How do I place and order?

Click the contact button and indicate which laser you're interested in.  We process the firearms in batches to

maximize efficiency.  The laser heads and electronics are built in advance according to customer               

preference.  When we have enough orders and parts accumulated, you'll receive an email with our shipto address.

Remember to send only the frame stripped of the slide/barrel and recoil assembly. Also remember to remove the magazine.

After the electronics are installed and tested and the laser is aligned an invoice will be sent via email with a  payment link.

What's the warranty?

Five years from dop. Includes everything (laser, sensors, electronics and rechargeable batteries).