Tactical Internal Lasers with Automatic Proximity Activation for Glock Full Comp Sub Slimline Frames
Tactical Internal Laser Targeting Systems for Glock handguns. All internal installation. Pistol retains its original factory footprint. 50 mW lasers available in red, green, blue or infrared. Visible in direct sunlight and over 1000 yards at night. 
Glass aspheric collimating lens.

Automatic activation using a proximity detector embedded within the trigger guard.  Rechargeable Li-Ion battery via a micro USB port.. 250 hours of standby time with two hours of lasing time. Two hour max. recharge time. Adjustable  laser output power (5mW to 50mW).  Available for all Glocks -- Full size,Compact, Sub-compact and Slimline(G42,G43)